The wall mounted soap dish is made with high-quality stainless steel and is highly durable. It is very convenient to use in the bathroom as it is freely installed on the wall without a drill or a screw and it never falls off from the wall once you stick it, also it can be easily removed.  The unique, hollow-out design of the dish holder helps to keep the soap clean from slimy soap rings and puddles. The design and the material used help it to remain waterproof and oil proof and It can fit anywhere you need.
A wall mounted soap dish is also very easy to use, you just have to clean the surface with the wet cloth and let it dry. Peel off the cover from the suction cup, stick it on the desired spot, and then press the flat base to exhaust the internal air so that it will never come out. The adhesive pad on the soap dish can be used on ceramic tile, acrylic mirror, glass, stainless steel, smooth marble, and other smooth surfaces. It will NOT work on brick, plastic, or other rough surfaces.
This is the best equipment to grab for your house as it keeps the tools in the organization and also makes your home clean and bright.

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