The toilet paper holder stand is a type of holder on the toilet that allows you to conveniently hold a roll of paper as you use the restroom. Most restroom designs include such a holder. It has an arm, usually made from wrought iron, that extends out from the frame’s base. This arm of the holder provides a place for you to grip the paper with your free hand. The most popular toilet paper holder stand design has a small counter space at the bottom of the stand for keeping the paper folded.

When you are shopping for a stand, you want to make sure that it matches the fixtures you have in your bathroom. There are two types of institutions, cast iron, and porcelain. If you are shopping for a stand made from porcelain, you will find the choice to be somewhat more complicated. You need to consider the finish that the fixture is finished in. Toilet paper holders are generally finished in matte or brushed stainless steel.

If you choose a stand with a brushed finish, you will find that the look is a lot more upscale and elegant than if you purchased one that is finished in brushed chrome. The brushed finish will also give your bathroom a modern appeal. Chrome-plated fixtures do not have the same appeal as the brushed finish. One last thing to consider when shopping for a toilet paper holder is the height of the wall mount. Sometimes, the higher the mounted on the wall, the better the bathroom’s overall appearance.

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